Double Refer A Friend Bonus at Virgin Casino


Have you been scratching your head wondering what to get your friends for Christmas? If you are a player, you don’t have to ponder this question any longer because, assuming at least one of your friends isn’t already a player, too, this casino has the perfect gift. Actually, it is a gift for you, too. Friends With Benefits Week at Virgin Online Casino is back, and that means a Double Refer A Friend Bonus for you!

When is the Double Refer a Friend Bonus Available?

The Double Refer A Friend Bonus promotion started on Monday, December 18 and continues until 11:59 p.m. Thursday, December 21 only. So you’ll have to hurry, but it will be worth it for both you and the friend(s) you successfully refer.

How Your Friend Will Benefit

Convincing at least one friend who is not already a player to sign up should not be hard at all. For starters, he or she can see how much you enjoy playing on the site. In addition, joining will give this person and you a lot more to talk about as you share your online experiences and compare notes. But if your friend needs more incentive, here it is.

Even if money is tight, the first deposit will be no problem at all. In fact, your friend’s initial deposit can be as little as $10, and it only needs to be wagered once. Furthermore, the casino is guaranteeing 100% cashback up to $100 in the event this wager results in a net loss. But that’s not all. This time only, your friend gets an extra $10 bonus, and this bonus will still be forthcoming even if the initial deposit results in a win.

How You Will Benefit from the Double Refer A Friend Bonus Promotion

This promotion is called Friends With Benefits Week for a good reason. There’s an extra  gift for you, too. The Refer A Friend program at both and sister casino never expires, so you can make your referrals anytime. The more new people you are able to refer the more you will be rewarded because each successful referral means another $50 bonus in your account. However, during Friends With Benefits Week, instead of getting $50 for your first new referral, the casino is offering you $100—in other words, a Double Refer A Friend Bonus!

Last week offered the same deal. So here’s a suggestion. If you play at both Virgin and Tropicana Online Casinos and just received $100 for a new referral to, if that person is not already also a player, have him or her be your first new referral there today. Otherwise, make a list of other possibilities and then concentrate on your best prospect. You don’t have much time, so focus on someone you are reasonably confident will sign up without too much coaxing. You can always work on the harder sells at a later date.

Of course, if you already have more than one friend who is ready to sign up this week, go for it. After your first successful referral, you will still receive an additional $50 for each of your other successful referrals, as always.

How to Refer Your Friends to

Ask each friend you are referring to enter your Username in the “Referred by a Friend” field on the registration form. Or, alternatively, you can give your friend the following link or share it on social media, and add your name at the end of the URL.{username}

Wagering Requirements for the Double Refer A Friend Bonus

The first $50 of your $100 bonus, as well as any $50 bonuses you earn for additional referrals, will be credited to your account as soon as your friend signs up as indicated above and makes the qualifying deposit and wager. The remaining $50 will be credited to your account at the end of the promotion.

No deposit is required on your part, but all bonuses earned in this promotion are subject to the usual bonus money wagering requirements. You have up to 30 days to wager the entire bonus once on any game. As soon as this wagering is completed, any winnings therefrom will be available for withdrawal. However, the bonus itself will not be withdrawable then or any time. It is offered for play purposes only, and as soon as the 1x wager is completed, it is removed from your account.

Why the Double Refer A Friend Bonus is a Great Offer    

Both and offer their players a generous $50 reward year-round for each successful new referral to the casino. That’s a great offer in itself, and all the more so because it never expires so you can take advantage of it anytime. However, now, for doing the same exact thing, the casino is willing to give you a double bonus! It’s almost as good as finding $100 on the casino floor and it is every bit as good as finding a $100 match play on the casino floor!

Of course, the Double Refer A Friend Bonus would be even better if you could keep not just the winnings when you wager it, but the bonus, too. But the offsetting factor is that $100 is certainly enough money to turn into a sizable win. Think of it this way. Which would you rather have–a $5 or $10 redeemable bonus or a $100 non-redeemable bonus?

Furthermore, you are only wagering your bonus once, so you can’t possibly lose any of your own money. The casino is giving you a free shot at winning and maybe even winning big, with no risk to you whatsoever. What can be a better Christmas present than that? If you’re a player, don’t let this fantastic promotion pass you by. $100 is waiting for you!








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