Full Deposit Match up to $100 at Caesars


As I have said many times, no NJ online casino bonus offers better bang for the buck than a 100% match on your deposit. CaesarsCasino.com, one of the few NJ online casinos to offer this treat on a regular basis, is back again this weekend with yet another full deposit match bonus. And this time you can get up to $100!

Some of you may be already logging into your Caesars Online Casino account every day this month to get your daily free entry into the end of month $2,500 giveaway drawing. That’s fine, but a month is a long time to wait to see if you will win a $10 bonus. You deserve better, and here it is.

Deposit $100 (or a smaller allowable amount if that works better for you) and receive a full deposit match immediately!

When the Caesars Full Deposit Match Bonus is Available

Unfortunately, unlike the free entries for the drawing for the $10 bonus, which you can access all month, you can only claim this offer once and for a very limited time only. The promotion started on Friday, April 13 and continues through Monday, April 16. That still gives you time to take advantage of this great offer, but you will have to hurry. After 11:59 p.m. Monday, it will be all over.

How the Caesars Full Deposit Match Bonus up to $100 Works

First things first. In order to take advantage of this promotion, here is what you need to do:

  • Log into your CaesarsCasino.com account during the 4/13-4/16 promotion period.
  • Click on “My Account” and then on “My Bonuses.”
  • Enter the code APR100 and click on “Get Details.”
  • Find the description 100% Deposit Match under “Available Bonuses.”
  • Click on “Deposit” next to the bonus. Then make your deposit and claim your bonus.

If you can afford to deposit $100 for a maximum possible full deposit match of $100, by all means do so. Otherwise, and only if a $100 deposit and the wagering requirements associated with it are too much for you, deposit less. But make sure first it is at least the minimum amount to qualify for the Caesars full deposit match specified in the marketing collateral.

Of course, if you wish to deposit more than $100, that is your prerogative, too. However, your bonus will still be capped at $100. If you deposit more than that, you will lose out on the best feature of this promotion, since your bonus will no longer be a full deposit match.

Wagering Requirements for the Caesars Full Deposit Match Bonus

The wagering requirements for this bonus are identical to those for many other CaesarsCasino.com bonuses. Prior to being permitted to withdraw the bonus, your deposit tied to the bonus, or any associated winnings, depending on your game choice, you will need to wager the following:

  • Slots: 5x bonus + deposit
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus + deposit
  • All Other Games: 25x bonus + deposit

You have seven days to meet these requirements. Once you do, assuming that the bonus has not yet expired, whatever is left of the deposit and bonus, along with any winnings, are all yours to keep. However, cancelling the bonus, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failing to complete the wagering within the specified seven days time frame will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

Wagering Requirements Based on Bonus and Deposit Combined

It is important to keep in mind that the wagering requirements for this bonus, unlike those for most bonuses at other NJ online casinos, but typical for Caesars, are based on the bonus and player’s deposit combined.

In this case, because the amount of the bonus and deposit are identical, your wagering requirement is exactly double what it would be wagering the bonus alone the same number of times. Therefore, if you were to deposit $100 in order to get a $100 bonus, these would be the wagering requirements:

  • Slots: $1,000
  • Video Poker: $2,000
  • All Other Games: $5,000

This amount of wagering may exceed the comfort level of some players. If that is the case for you, a deposit and bonus of $50, or even $25, might be the best option.

Summary: Assessing the Pros and Cons of the CaesarsCasino.com Full Deposit Match Bonus

Based on the fact that very few online casino bonuses give you a dollar for dollar match of your deposit and even fewer match it up to $100, this promotion offers a great deal. Opting in every time an offer like this comes your way is the best thing you can do. It is a great way not only to keep loading your account with more ammunition so you can win more, but also to ensure that special offers of this caliber are repeated often.

The only not so great feature of this bonus is the potentially hefty wagering requirements due to the additional cost of having to wager a multiple of both the bonus and deposit. It doesn’t look like Caesars is going to change this unfavorable rule anytime soon. However, you can make the best of it by doing any or all of the following:

  • Take advantage of the full 7 day period allotted to you for clearing the bonus.
  • Clear the bonus fully or primarily with slots.
  • Select slots with at least a 96% return to player (RTP) to preserve your bankroll and maximize your chances of winning.


Barbara Nathan
Barbara Nathan is both a professional writer and casino, poker, and sports betting expert. Originally from NYC, she relocated to Absecon, NJ in 2013 just prior to the official launch of New Jersey regulated online casino and poker gambling. Besides keeping tabs on important developments in the industry from day 1, Barbara is very familiar with what each NJ online casino has to offer. Her comprehensive, unbiased reviews and promotion descriptions provide a valuable service to NJ online casino players. Barbara also enjoys volunteering in the Atlantic City community. She is a certified literacy tutor at the Atlantic City Public Library.

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