Mother’s Day Deposit Match Bonus

If the is one of the NJ online casinos you like to play at, you will be happy to know that the casino has posted a brand new deposit bonus offer for this weekend. But before we tell you all about it, here is an important reminder. The Mother’s Day Giveaway for NJ online casino players described on this site earlier this week is still ongoing.

In fact, the seven day promotional period (which started last Monday) doesn’t end until 11:59 p.m. this Sunday. Each of these days that you have logged in and wagered $50 or more counts towards earning entries into the prize drawing. 89 lucky players will win bonus dollars ranging from $20 to $250. Five other lucky players will win an overnight stay and spa credit at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.

If you have accumulated entries already from your earlier play this week, you can improve your chances by playing again tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, in order to rack up additional entries. But even if you missed the opportunity to earn entries earlier this week, it is not too late to get in on the fun. There is nothing written in stone that you need a lot of entries, any more that you need a lot of pulls on a slot machine to win a jackpot. All it takes is one entry, and you could be one of the winners.

The drawing won’t take place until Monday, however. Ordinarily, a week is a long time to be kept waiting, and then, if you come up empty to boot, it is even more frustrating. But in this case, you shouldn’t mind the wait. because, starting today,  is also offering a Guaranteed Bonus

Mother’s Day Match: May 12-14

Mother’s Day Match at Tropicana Online Casino starts today, Friday, May 12 and continues until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, May 14.

In other words, you have all weekend to access this promotion. But if you’re smart, you will complete any deposits you wish to count towards your bonus, along with the very small wagering requirements, before Sunday  to free up Mother’s Day to spend with your mom or other loved ones. Your bonus won’t be determined and credited to your account until Monday, which is actually good thinking on the casino’s part. You really should take a break from the games this Sunday, and make the most of the celebratory occasion.

How to Get Your Mother’s Day Guaranteed Bonus at

 All you have to do is the following:

  • Make a Net Deposit of at least $20 and wager it 1x on any game.

Net deposit is defined as the total amount of all deposits minus all withdrawals during the promotional period. So if you prefer to make more than one deposit, you can. However, if you want the additional deposits to count in determining your bonus, you will have to wager that amount of money 1x also.

Your bonus will be a 15% match of your promotional period Net Deposit up to a maximum of $50. This Bonus Money, just like the deposit, is also subject to a 1x playthrough requirement (on any game). However, in this case, not that you need it, you have 30 days to complete the wagering. Afterwards, any associated winnings, but not the bonus itself, are yours to keep. Unfortunately, the bonus is not withdrawable at any time. As soon as the wagering has been completed, or the 30 days are up, the casino takes the bonus back.

By the way, in case you want to know how much you need to deposit to get the maximum bonus of $50, we did the math and have the answer. You need to deposit at least $333.34. If you only make the minimum deposit of $20, you will only get a $3 bonus.

Is the Mother’s Day Match Bonus Worthwhile?

 Frankly, 15% is rather skimpy for a match bonus. But the value in this bonus is not in the amount or the percentage of your deposit, but in the minuscule wagering requirements. Even if you are a small stakes player, there is no way that asking you to play the bonus once is going to break the bank. Most NJ online casino bonuses have much steeper wagering requirements. So if keeping the risk to a minimum is important to you, this bonus has your name on it.

On the other hand, sticky bonuses benefit the casino far more than they benefit the player. You need to get very lucky to come out significantly ahead with this type of bonus.

If you enjoy the Tropicana online games, my advice is to accept this bonus since all you have to do to get it is make a small deposit and give the casino some token action. While there is no guarantee you will win with the bonus, you are using the casino’s money to gamble it. Therefore, even in the worst case scenario, where you lose, the most you can lose of your own money is part of your deposit. You’re only wagering the deposit once, so as long as you  take your time and spread out your wagers, it is impossible to lose all of it. As for the bonus, you are getting a free ride, so why not hop aboard and enjoy it!



Barbara Nathan is both a professional writer and casino, poker, and sports betting expert. Originally from NYC, she relocated to Absecon, NJ in 2013 just prior to the official launch of New Jersey regulated online casino and poker gambling. Besides keeping tabs on important developments in the industry from day 1, Barbara is very familiar with what each NJ online casino has to offer. Her comprehensive, unbiased reviews and promotion descriptions provide a valuable service to NJ online casino players. Barbara also enjoys volunteering in the Atlantic City community. She is a certified literacy tutor at the Atlantic City Public Library.

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