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Once again, even though it’s the heart of summer, the weather forecast for New Jersey may be more suited to staying indoors than for sunning and swimming. In other words, it is the perfect time to be playing your favorite online casino games, and if that means taking advantage of some great promotions, too, even better. The weekend is typically when the NJ online casinos offer the most bonuses, but Borgata Online Casino players don’t have to wait. That’s because today, August 2, and again every Thursday in August (except August 30), is Play and Earn Thursday!

Besides adding to your iRPs (loyalty points) like always, all of your play on on the first four Thursdays in August does double duty. It may qualify you for bonus dollars as well!

How Play and Earn Thursday at Borgata Online Casino Works

Earn iRPs on All of Your Play, as Usual

Every time you play on, you earn iRPs, and if you play a lot, these reward points can really add up quickly. You can use them in many ways, including redeeming them at the iRewards Store for merchandise, cash, bonuses, or special promotions, or for Express Comps at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

In addition, your total number of iRPs determines your Borgata loyalty tier, and the higher your tier, the more special offers, benefits, and privileges you receive. The four loyalty tiers at are as follows:

  • Red level
  • Red Plus level
  • Black level
  • Black Elite level
Thursdays Can Be Even More Rewarding–Get Your Hands on a Bonus, Too!

While, of course, your play every day of the week counts towards building up your iRPs, on the first four Thursdays in August, you get extra bang for your buck since the casino is offering you a bonus, too. The minimum number of iRPs you need to earn any given Thursday is 100. Although that will only earn you a $5 bonus, the more you play, the bigger your bonus, all the way up to $200!

How to Participate in the Play and Earn Thursday Promotion

If you’re a player and would like to take advantage of this special offer, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your account each Thursday in August that the promotion is being offered (August 2, 9, 16, and 23).
  • Go to My Promotions and opt into the Play and Earn offer.
  • Play your favorite casino games.

I have one question. Shouldn’t the casino also be offering Play and Earn Thursday on Thursday, August 30? There are five Thursdays in August this year!

However, even with this apparent oversight, it’s still a great deal. So I recommend taking advantage of all four Thursdays that the casino is offering it.

The Size of Your Bonus

Any bonus money based on your Play and Earn Thursday activity will be credited to your account as soon as you reach the qualifying iRP level for that size bonus. These bonus rewards are cumulative, so as soon as you move up to a higher new level, the new bonus you are entitled to is in addition to, not in place of, the bonus dollars you already received.

In other words, if you play enough to earn 3,000 iRPs, your total bonus for the day’s play is $200–your brand new bonus of $100 on top of the $100 in bonus money already received.

The following chart shows the number of iRPs required for each bonus dollars reward. Remember, though, that the bonus dollars shown for each successive iRP level are added to the previous bonus dollars amounts to get your total bonus at that point in time.


Points Required Bonus Dollar Reward
100 iRPs $5 Bonus Dollars
300 iRPs $10 Bonus Dollars
500 iRPs $10 Bonus Dollars
750 iRPs $25 Bonus Dollars
1500 iRPs $50 Bonus Dollars
3000 iRPs $100 Bonus Dollars


Play and Earn Thursday Bonus Wagering Requirements

Like all other bonuses awarded to players, all of the bonus dollars awarded based on Play and Earn Thursday activity come with additional wagering requirements. In this case, the wagering requirement is 15x the bonus.

You can play any game you wish for this purpose and it will count 100%. You will also earn additional iRPs, as usual, on your wagers to clear the bonus.

Other Terms and Conditions

Players have two days from the time a bonus is awarded to claim it and only until 11:59 p.m. the following day to complete the necessary wagering. Until all of the necessary wagering for the bonus or applicable part of the bonus is completed, you will be temporarily unable to withdraw either that money or any winnings therefrom. However, all of that money (or whatever is left of it) will become available as soon as the applicable wagering requirements have been satisfied, provided the short 24 hour window given to you has not expired.

Also keep in mind that you can opt into multiple bonus simultaneously, even if you are still working on completing the wagering requirements for a previous bonus. However, you can only clear one bonus at a time. For the purpose of this promotion, each step-wise component of the bonus money total is considered a separate bonus.

As always, opting out of the bonus, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failure to clear the bonus within the specified time frame will result in forfeiture of both the bonus itself and any additional winnings from wagering the bonus.

Why Every Borgata Online Casino Player Should Take Advantage of Play and Earn Thursday

This offer is different from but in some ways superior to those you may be accustomed to receiving from NJ online casinos. So I will now tell you why no player should pass up this special opportunity.

An Equal Opportunity Bonus Based Entirely on Play

Rather than having your bonus be contingent upon making a deposit–possibly at an inopportune time–or depend solely on the luck of the draw, Play and Earn Thursday is a promotion that any player can access. And most importantly, it puts you, the player in control.

Limitations of Deposit Match Bonuses and Bonus Money Won in Drawings

Ordinarily, in order to receive a bonus from a NJ online casino where you’re a registered player, you have to make a qualifying deposit, which the casino will then match. However, much more often than not, the deposit match percentage is much smaller than 100%. A dollar for dollar match of your deposit is extremely rare.

Another disadvantage of deposit match bonuses is that they are only available for a very limited time period, which may not coincide with when it is convenient for some players to make a deposit and play. Someone who is temporarily short of cash or who was unaware of the promotion and made a sizable deposit a day or two earlier could find meeting the deposit requirements too much of an obstacle.

Or from time to time, many online casinos have drawings with bonus money as prizes. The problem with drawings is that they leave most players empty-handed, and with many drawings, where players can earn an unlimited number of entries based on deposit size and/or play, high rollers have an insurmountable edge over everyone else.

What Makes the Bonuses Offered in This Promotion Better

This promotion is fair to everyone because while the size of the bonus increases with the amount of play, no one who registers a reasonable minimum amount of play is excluded. You certainly don’t need to be a high roller or close to one to qualify for a  bonus. The bonus just won’t be as big as that earned by bigger players.

All Games Count Equally Towards Clearing the Bonus

Another superior feature of this promotion is that you can clear the bonus with any game–even video poker or blackjack–and it will count 100%. Most NJ online casino bonuses impose a much higher than 15x bonus wagering requirement for clearing the bonus with games other than slots. So you are getting a real bargain here, and all the while you are earning even more iRPs!

Sequential Rewards Allow Players to Clear Each Component of the Bonus Separately

Yet another great feature is that you get to clear each component of your bonus separately. This makes meeting the casino’s wagering requirements a lot more manageable.

During the course of your play, each time you qualify for additional bonus money, you don’t have to concern yourself with meeting the additional wagering requirements until after the bonus components you earned earlier in the day are already cleared. As soon as you you complete the wagering for a given bonus component, you will be able to withdraw that money and any winnings resulting from it. You don’t have to wait until all subsequent bonus money from this promotion is also cleared.

You can also use this new money in your account’s cashable wallet, if you need it, to help you clear the larger chunks of bonus money from this promotion.

One Word of Caution

The only way this promotion could be even better is if the casino gave you more time to clear the bonus. Because you only have one day, if you are playing with a limited bankroll, be careful and do not step up your play way above what it usually is just to qualify for a bigger bonus. Play at a level that you can afford that does not exceed your comfort level and be very happy with whatever bonus you have coming to you.





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