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As if three special offers from Tropicana Online Casino in one week aren’t enough, here, as promised, is everything you need to know about another special promotion this weekend. This one is called the Rakin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot. It starts Friday, September 28 and continues through Sunday, September 30.

What is a Sharepot?

Sharepots are a frequently recurring promotion at both TropicanaCasino.com and sister online casino VirginCasino.com. But for the benefit of those of you who are new to these sites, here is a brief introduction to what a Sharepot is and how it works.

Difference between a Sharepot and a Drawing

Like the name implies, a Sharepot is a special prize pool set up by the casino in which every participating player gets a share. This is fundamentally different from a drawing, where only a selected few players win a prize and the overwhelming majority of receive nothing

Another important difference between a Sharepot and drawing is that in a drawing, all of the prizes are set amounts that have been predetermined, whereas the way the various prizes in a Sharepot will be distributed is not known ahead of time. The percentage of the pot and actual amount going to each player will ultimately depend on both the number of players there are all together and how much that player wagered in relation to the total amount wagered by everybody else.

Different Types of Sharepots

All Sharepots have the same basic principle in common. They are prize pools that all qualifying players get to share. However, both the size of the Sharepot and the specified minimum play requirements to be eligible for a piece of it vary from one promotion to another. For example, in some promotions, you might be asked to compete certain challenges such as making a deposit or playing a slot game on your mobile device. However, in this promotion, no deposit is required. Also, as long as you wager at least $50, it can be on any game you wish.

In addition, sometimes the prizes up for grabs in the Sharepot are in the form of Trop Points (or V Points at Virgin Online Casino), which can be converted to Bonus Money. However, with this weekend’s Rakin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot, no conversion is necessary because the prizes in the Sharepot are already in the form of Bonus Money.

Rakin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot

The Rakin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot contains $10,000 in Bonus Money. This is what the casino is putting up in advance as the total prize pool. How much of that you or any other player will receive has yet to be determined, however. Players who only wager the minimum amount, in this case $50, will still get something, but not as much as players who wager more.

How to Earn Entries into the Rakin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot

All you have to do to participate in this promotion and be eligible for a share of the Sharepot is log into your TropicanaCasino.com account, if possible all three days of the promotion period, and play your favorite games as usual.

For every $50 wagered on any game on any one calendar day, you earn one Sharepot ticket, up to a maximum of five per day.

Therefore, if you play all three days of the promotion and wager at least $250 each day, you will receive the maximum number of tickets possible, which is 15. This will ensure that no participating player receives a bigger share of the Sharepot than you. However, if this is more wagering that you can afford or have time for, don’t worry about it. Just do the best you can.

Although no deposit is required,  you will need enough money in your account to wager in your customary manner over the course of the weekend. So keep that in mind if your account balance is very low..

Determining Your Share of the Prize Pool

On Monday, October 1, the casino will determine each participant’s share of the Sharepot. This is done first by dividing the total number of Sharepot tickets a given player has by the total number of tickets earned by all participants combined. The resulting percentage is then multiplied by $10,000 (the total amount of Bonus Dollars in the Sharepot).

For example, suppose you earn a total of 10 Sharepot tickets. If the total number of tickets earned by all players combined is 2,500, your percentage of the Sharepot would be .004. That percentage multiplied by 10,000 equals 40. Therefore, your reward would be $40 Bonus Money.

When will your prize be awarded?

All players who are entitled to Bonus Money will receive it in their account within 24 hours of Monday, October 1, or within three business days in the event of technical difficulties.

Wagering Requirements for the Ragin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot Bonus

All Bonus Money won in this promotion is subject to standard TropicanaCasino.com  Bonus Money wagering requirements. You have up to 30 days to wager your bonus 1x on any game. As soon as this very minimal wagering requirement is met, you are free to withdraw any resulting winnings, but not the Bonus Money itself. Like all other bonuses at Tropicana and Virgin Online Casinos, it’s a sticky bonus that the casino takes back as soon as the 1x wager is completed.

Is the Rakin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot worth your time?

This Sharepot  is loaded with $10,000 in Bonus Money, so as long as it’s convenient for you to be playing on TropicanaCasino.com anyway this weekend, by all means take advantage of this opportunity to get a piece of it.

If you can afford to earn the maximum number of tickets, or close to it, obviously it is to your advantage to do so in order to get a bigger bonus. Because you only get to wager the bonus once and then it’s taken away from you, you need a bigger bonus to have any realistic shot of winning with it than you would with a traditional bonus. However, the very reasonable cap on the number of entries per player at five per day works in your favor. It prevents high rollers from taking the lion’s share of the prizes away from everyone else and instead levels the playing field.

Will the Rakin’ Riches Tropicana Sharepot make you rich? Highly unlikely. I suggest looking at this offer instead as an easy, fun, and affordable way to get a guaranteed bonus. Also, once you get your bonus, the casino is giving you a free ride to bet it once and try to win with it.



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