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As a NJ online casino player, apart from winning, another outcome that should always bring a smile to your face is getting a bonus. Often you know ahead of time how much the bonus will be, which is fine. But whenever the amount is a mystery, it is even more fun. That’s why, if you play at Borgata Online Casino, you’ll be delighted to know that the casino is offering guaranteed Daily Mystery Prizes during the entire month of October.

How to Participate in the Borgata Online Casino Daily Mystery Prizes October Giveaway

No need to wait till Halloween to take advantage of this spooktacular promotion. It has been ongoing on since October 1. Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  • Log into your account daily during the month of October.
  • Go to My Promotions and opt into the Daily Mystery Prize
  • Earn 5 iRPs playing your favorite games.
  • Return to the My Promotions page. Your Daily Mystery Prize will be revealed.

What can your mystery prize be?

Until you opt into the day’s offer, earn 5 iRPs, and then return to the My Promotions page, there’s no way of knowing for sure. But you could win any of the following great prizes:

  • Bonus Dollars: Available for use immediately
  • Deposit Match: You will need to visit My Bonuses and make a qualifying deposit.
  • iRPs: Available for immediate use in the loyalty store.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Keep in mind that each day’s promotion is for that day only; the next day brings a brand new offer. Therefore, each day that you wish to participate, you need to log into your account, opt into the promotion, and earn another 5 iRPs. You can opt in every day or as many days in October as you wish, but only once per day.

Bonus Money

All bonus money received in this promotion is subject to usual wagering requirements. That means before you will be permitted to withdraw the bonus, deposit tied to the bonus if applicable, and any resulting winnings, you need to wager the bonus 15x. Any game is fine and will count the full 100%. In addition, all of your wagers to clear the bonus, including those made with the bonus money as well as your own money, earn you additional loyalty points.

However, as usual, time is of the essence. The casino is giving you only until 11:59 p.m. the day after you receive the bonus money to complete all of the required wagering.

Since new offers are available every day, you may want to opt into the next day’s promotion before the previous day’s bonus is fully cleared. That is fine. The casino does permit you to have more than one active bonus simultaneously. However, you can only clear one bonus at a time.

As always, opting out, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failing to complete the required wagering within the allotted 24 hours time frame will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

Deposit Match Bonuses

If the bonus is contingent on a deposit, a single deposit the same day in at least the minimum amount specified is necessary. The terms for clearing the bonus are then exactly as stipulated above, except that while the bonus playthrough is in progress, the deposit tied to the bonus is also temporarily locked into your account.

For the purpose of clearing the bonus, the player’s own deposited money is used first and then the bonus money afterwards.

Promotional iRPs

Promotional iRPs will be credited to the player’s account immediately. However, unlike iRPs earned from actual play, they will not contribute towards the player’s next loyalty tier level.

Why the Daily Mystery Prizes at Borgata Online Casino Are Worth Your Time

Some of the daily offers may be more attractive or more up your alley than others. Even though there’s no way of knowing which ones ahead of time, it costs you nothing to log into your account to find out. You are always free to turn down any offer that you decide is not for you.

But here are the reasons why it is advantageous to opt into as many of these special offers as possible.

Cumulative Positive Effect of Multiple Bonuses in Succession

Even though each individual offer probably won’t be great, you can still make a lot of money since you are getting a long string of bonuses in succession. Keep in mind, too, that you can have multiple active bonuses in your account at the same time. As soon as the first one is cleared, there’s another one waiting in the wings with the potential to add more money to your account.

Another great benefit you may experience is that as your account keeps building from the accumulation of deposits, already cleared bonuses, and winnings, you will be able to step up your wagers (within reason), and potentially win at an even faster rate.

All Games Count 100% Towards Meeting the Wagering Requirements

Many of the Daily Mystery Prizes will be in the form of bonus dollars added to your account. The wagering requirements for clearing bonuses at most NJ online casinos tend to increase considerably whenever a game other than slots is chosen. However, you can clear these bonuses at Borgata Online Casino playing any game you want and the wagering requirements remain constant at 15x the bonus.

While 15x the bonus is a little steep for slots, this is an ideal opportunity to clear your bonuses instead with a game with a much lower house edge than slots, such as blackjack, which might otherwise carry a wagering requirement of as much as 50x the bonus.

Opportunity to Rack Up Lots of Loyalty Points

Some of your Daily Prizes will be iRPs rather than bonus money. But those aren’t the only iRPs you will be earning. All month long, every day you opt into this promotion, both in your initial play to qualify you for the offer and later to clear your bonuses, you are earning more iRPs. So over time, the added loyalty points can really add up. The points earned from your play might even be enough to qualify you for a higher tier level.

The Added Fun of a Mystery Bonus

As if all of the above aren’t enough reasons to play on as often as possible this month, here is one more. Every day you in October that you choose to log in and play, there’s a special surprise waiting for you. The suspense of not knowing and then finally, when you open your special card, having the mystery unraveled, makes this promotion super fun and exciting.

What Could Be Better

My one criticism of this promotion—and all other promotions—is that the casino is only giving you one day to clear your bonuses. This almost invariably forces small players to overbet their bankroll or step up their play beyond their comfort level.

Recommended Strategies for Small Players

I am not suggesting, if you’re a small player or your gambling funds are limited, to forego this promotion. However, there are several things you can do to help you maximize your win potential while preserving your bankroll when your luck goes south.

  • Don’t feel you have to accept every offer every day. Be selective and pick the best ones.
  • Clear the bonus exclusively with games with a very low house edge. Blackjack is an excellent choice, but only if you know the rules and basic strategy.
  • Avoid marathon sessions. Break up your play into multiple sessions rather than try to clear your bonus in one shot.

The Bottom Line

As long as you bet within your means and don’t go overboard, by all means take advantage of as many of the Daily Mystery Prizes as you can this month. Each day you log in and play will feel like an exciting new adventure. Don’t miss this spooktacular money making opportunity!






Barbara Nathan
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