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Caesars Online Casino is now Caesars Online Casino and Sports.  If you already knew that and have been taking advantage of this super convenient double opportunity to make money, great. If not, with the NFL, college football, NBA, and hockey all underway, there’s no better time than right now to get started. Either way, you’re eligible for the same fantastic buy one – get one free offer. All you have to do is log into your account and make a small deposit–from $10 up to $100. Then use that money to make a sports bet. Caesars will immediately match your wager dollar for dollar with a free sport bet!

If you are not yet registered with Caesars Online Casino and Sports and/or new to sports betting, be sure to read my comprehensive review of this online sportsbook here.

You Won’t Find This Offer Anywhere Else

Deposit match bonuses are a frequent occurrence at NJ online casinos, but this offer for a free sports bet instead is unique and a NJ gambling website first. Instead of matching your deposit with a bonus, will match your deposit 100% up to $100 with a free sports bet!

Who is eligible for this free sports bet on

This promotion is open to registered players only. New players who would like to take advantage of it should sign up with Caesars Online Casino and Sports first. Then, either the same day or another day of their choosing, they can make another deposit specifically for this offer.

When is the promotion being offered?

This incredibly generous offer where all you have to do is make a sports bet to get a free sports bet is available any day of your choosing from now through December 31. However, you can only claim the offer once. Also, on the same day you claim the offer, you need to make both your deposit and sports wager using the deposit.

So pick your day wisely. Make sure that is a day when a game is being played that you have a strong enough opinion on to want to wager up to $100.

As soon as you make your wager, you will receive your offer for a free sports bet in the same amount. However, you do not have to place the free bet the same day if you would rather use it another day. The free bet is valid any day you wish through December 31.

How to Access Your Free Sports Bet up to $100 on

On the day you would like to accept this offer, here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • Log into your account. This can be on any day you wish from today through December 31, 2018.
  • Make a single deposit from $10 to $100, using the bonus code SPORTS100.
  • Make a sports wager. You need to use your entire deposit for this wager. The wager must be on one game only scheduled to take place the same day.

You don’t have to wait till the game is actually played and the results are in to receive your free sports bet. You will receive it immediately and can, if you so desire, use it immediately. Or, if you prefer, you can wait until another opportune time this year. The choice is entirely up to you.

Additional Considerations

If is offering a deposit match bonus on the same day you wish to claim this offer, make two separate deposits. That way you will be able to claim both offers. Also, as always, deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

Also, keep in mind that if you win your free sports bet, the payout is different than with the sports bets you make with your own money. You only receive the winnings and the casino keeps the wager, including any applicable vig.

For example, if you deposit $100 and win your free $100 bet on an NFL game, your account will be credited with $91, not $191. In order to receive exactly $100 back from the free bet, the wager would have to be $110, but that’s impossible because the bet is capped at $100.

I strongly recommend that if you can afford to deposit the full $100 for your initial wager, to do so. You could win not only that bet, but also your free bet, which would put you way ahead. Even in the worst case scenario where both bets lose, all you are out is your initial $100 stake, since the second bet is free. Only if you can’t afford to deposit $100, make a smaller deposit, in which case, keep the math simple by adding 10 percent to the amount you hope to win. For example, instead of making a $50 deposit, make a $55 deposit.

The Bottom Line

This is a fantastic offer and one that’s equally well suited for any player from small bettors to high rollers. If you’re new to sports betting, it’s a great way to get your feet wet with very little risk. In fact, it’s a much better deal than you get with most deposit match bonuses, where the wagering requirements to clear a $100 bonus are not $100 but many times that amount. Of course, if you want to bet more than $100–using your own money–on the games you select for this offer, you certainly can.

Deposit $100, make a sports bet, and get a free $100 sports bet. Sports betting doesn’t get any better for you than that!





Barbara Nathan
Barbara Nathan is both a professional writer and casino, poker, and sports betting expert. Originally from NYC, she relocated to Absecon, NJ in 2013 just prior to the official launch of New Jersey regulated online casino and poker gambling. Besides keeping tabs on important developments in the industry from day 1, Barbara is very familiar with what each NJ online casino has to offer. Her comprehensive, unbiased reviews and promotion descriptions provide a valuable service to NJ online casino players. Barbara also enjoys volunteering in the Atlantic City community. She is a certified literacy tutor at the Atlantic City Public Library.

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