Golden Nugget White Elephant Exchange 


Golden Nugget Online Casino doesn’t believe in making players wait till Christmas to open their gifts. If Golden Nugget is one of the NJ online casinos you play at, you can open your present today!

Golden Nugget White Elephant Exchange

Have you ever been to a White Elephant Party? Everyone who comes brings a wrapped gift and picks somebody else’s wrapped gift in exchange. All of the gifts are supposed to be similar in value, as per preset guidelines. However, more often than not, some of the gifts turn out to be clunkers. That’s the chance you take.

White Elephant Exchange on works differently. First, all participating players must make a single deposit of at least $20. Then in return for this “gift” you give Golden Nugget, you get one back from the casino. It’s a 50 percent deposit match up to $50!

White Elephant is actually somewhat of a misnomer because unlike in a real White Elephant exchange where your gift is a surprise, here you know ahead of time exactly what you will be getting. Golden Nugget has offered this same promotion before. But if this time, if it wants to call it a White Elephant Exchange, it’s fine with me and should be fine with you, too. A deposit match of 50 percent up to $50 is a solid offer and one of the better deals on NJ gambling websites.

How to Participate in the Golden Nugget White Elephant Promo

This promotion is open to all registered players. The offer started on Friday, December 7 and continues until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, December 9.  If you wish to participate, here’s what you need to do.

  • Log into your account during the December 7-9 promotion period.
  • Claim the offer from Available Bonuses.
  • Make a single deposit of $20 or more.

Your deposit match bonus of 50 percent up to $50 will be credited to your account immediately.

You can only claim this offer once, and it must be with a single deposit.

How much should you deposit?

Because this offer is for a 50 percent deposit match rather than a 100 percent deposit match, the amount of your bonus is limited to half of your deposit. The bonus is also capped at $50, so the optimal deposit size is $100. That is the amount you need to deposit to get the $50 maximum bonus. Of course, you can deposit more than $100, but unless you need the extra money in your account to make your customary wagers, there is no good reason to do so. Your bonus will still be $50.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford to or don’t wish to deposit $100, you can deposit a smaller amount. The minimum deposit is only $20. However, I would think twice before making such a small deposit since your bonus will only be $10.

Wagering Requirements for This Weekend’s 50% Deposit Match Bonus

All bonuses based on deposits made during White Elephant weekend are subject to the following usual wagering requirements.

  • Most slots: 10x bonus
  • Excluded slots* and all other games: 50x bonus

Golden Nugget Online Casino is currently home to 504 slots, more than any other NJ gambling website. So if slots are your cup of tea, you’re in great shape because all but 21 of them count 100 percent and have an easy to meet wagering requirement of only 10x the bonus.

On the other hand, there are 21 other slot games at Golden Nugget Online Casino that you should probably avoid when trying to clear a bonus because they only count 20 percent. If you choose to clear the bonus with any of the 21 “excluded slots,” you will incur the same 50x bonus wagering requirement that the casino has set for non-slot play.

See the casino website for the complete list of the 21 excluded slots.

Other terms and conditions

Regardless of which games you choose for clearing the bonus, the time frame to complete the necessary wagering is the same–up to seven days.

During the entire time that you are working on clearing the bonus, your deposit, bonus, and any resulting winnings will be temporarily locked into your account. You will have full access to all of this money (or whatever is left of it) as soon as the the required wagering is completed, assuming you do so within the allotted period. Even before then, you will still have access to other winnings not related to the bonus using funds from your own cashable wallet.

Keep in mind that if you cancel the bonus, attempt to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or fail to complete the necessary wagering on time, both the bonus and any resulting winnings will be forfeited.

Your best bet

If you are unsure about the best way to clear the bonus, here is what I recommend. Clear the bonus primarily or exclusively with the best returning slots you can find that count the full 100 percent. Save your play on any slots only counting 20 percent for another time when you don’t have a bonus to clear.

Most likely, the reason for the higher wagering requirements on certain slots is their relatively high rate of return to player (RTP). However, the difference from other slots is not great enough to warrant increasing your play five fold to 50x the bonus.

If you are going to be doing that much wagering, you are better off playing a game like blackjack or video poker, where the house edge for correct play is substantially lower than that of even the best slots.

Advice for Small Players

Keep in mind that 50x the maximum bonus of $50 is $2,500. If you’re a small player, you should therefore probably avoid any games requiring that much wagering. But rather than reduce the size of your deposit, which would make your bonus smaller and deprive you of the maximum value of the promotion, your best bet is to do the following:

  • Deposit $100 so you can get the maximum bonus of $50
  • Clear the bonus entirety with high returning slots with a 10x bonus wagering requirement.

If you follow these guidelines, the total amount you will have to wager is only $500. Spread out over a seven day period, that averages out to less than $72 per day.

Why the Golden Nugget White Elephant Promotion is Worth Your Time

This promotion is better than a real White Elephant exchange because there are no unwanted surprises or worthless gifts you can’t use. Instead, you know in advance exactly what you will be getting–simply divide your deposit up to $100 by 2. Furthermore, what online casino player can’t use a bonus?

A 50% deposit match bonus isn’t as great as one for 100%, but it is still a much better deal than many other deposit match bonuses being offered on NJ gambling websites. Compared to the 10%, 15%, and 20% bonuses you see all too often, you are getting a very good deal.

Lastly, the maximum bonus for this promotion is $50, which is an ideal amount. Along with the $100 deposit required to get it, that’s a nice $150 boost in your account, or more than enough ammunition, if you’re lucky, for a good size win. Yet neither the deposit requirements nor the wagering requirements (if you stick to slots counting the full 100%) are likely to break the bank. In other words, this is the type of offer that virtually any player can appreciate.

But if you want this bonus, you’ll have to hurry. By midnight Sunday, December 9, this offer will be history. So instead of sitting on the sidelines wondering when the next good bonus opportunity will come your way, open your pre-Christmas gift from Golden Nugget Online Casino today!
















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