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If somehow you have found the time during this busiest of seasons to be reading this article, perhaps the December holidays so far have not been as exciting as you had hoped. Fortunately, if that is the case, can fix the problem in a heartbeat–but only if you’re up to the Holiday Bonus Challenge!

How the Borgata Holiday Bonus Challenge Works

The premise is simple. The more you play, the more bonus dollars you will receive.

The Holiday Bonus Dollars Challenge got underway on Friday, December 21 and continues for eight straight days through Friday, December 28.

How to Participate in the Holiday Bonus Challenge

 If you are a Borgata Online Casino player and feel you are up for this weeklong challenge, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your account between December 21 and 28, but the sooner the better.
  • Go to My Promotions and opt into the Bonus Dollars Challenge
  • Play your favorite games.

Determining Your Bonus

On Saturday, December 29, Borgata Online Casino will determine your reward based on how many days you played and how many iRPs you earned each day.

The following Bonus Dollars Challenge Rewards Chart shows exactly what size reward you can expect based on these two criteria.


Daily iRPs Earned Number of Days
3 4 5 6 7 8
25 $5 Bonus Dollars $7 Bonus Dollars $10 Bonus Dollars $15 Bonus Dollars $20 Bonus Dollars $25 Bonus Dollars
60 $10 Bonus Dollars $15 Bonus Dollars $20 Bonus Dollars $25 Bonus Dollars $30 Bonus Dollars $35 Bonus Dollars
125 $25 Bonus Dollars $35 Bonus Dollars $45 Bonus Dollars $50 Bonus Dollars $60 Bonus Dollars $70 Bonus Dollars
250 $50 Bonus Dollars $70 Bonus Dollars $90 Bonus Dollars $105 Bonus Dollars $125 Bonus Dollars $140 Bonus Dollars
400 $85 Bonus Dollars $110 Bonus Dollars $140 Bonus Dollars $170 Bonus Dollars $200 Bonus Dollars $225 Bonus Dollars


As you can see, in order to qualify for a bonus reward, you need to play a minimum of three days and earn at least 25 iRPs per day. The smallest bonus you can receive is $5 for 25 daily iRPs over three days. The largest bonus you can earn is $200. That is for 400 daily iRPs over eight days.

Wagering Requirements for the Bonus Dollars

All rewards resulting from this promotion will be in the form of bonus dollars credited to the player’s account as soon as the promotion is over.

However, before you will be permitted to withdraw your bonus or any additional associated winnings, you will need to meet the casino’s wagering requirements of 15x the bonus.

Any game is fine and counts 100% towards clearing the bonus. You will also earn loyalty points on all of your wagers, including those with the bonus money as well as your own money.

That’s what’s great about this offer. Here is the additional requirement that is not so great. All of the wagering must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on the day after the bonus is received.

Assuming you can complete the wagering on time, you will then have full access to both your bonus and any resulting winnings, or more precisely whatever is left of this money. However, opting out, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failure to complete the wagering within the very short 24 hour time frame you are allowed will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

Is the Borgata Holiday Bonus Challenge worth your time?

The Borgata Holiday Bonus Challenge definitely has the potential to give your online account balance a nice boost as you start the New Year. So it is worth pursuing, but only if you have the time and available funds to meet at least the minimum requirements. At the very least, you need to be able to play three days by the time the promotion period ends on December 28, earning at least 25 iRPs per day. You will also need to be able to play on December 29 and 30 after receiving your bonus sufficiently to clear it.

Wide range of bonuses adaptable to different bet sizes and bankrolls

One nice feature of this promotion is that it can be adapted to different bet sizes and bankrolls. If you can afford the considerable amount of wagering needed to receive and clear a bonus of $100 to $200, you will be amply rewarded. But if the larger bonuses are out of your reach, as they will be for most players, you may be able to qualify for a smaller bonus. While on the one hand, you should definitely not increase your wagering to more than you can comfortably afford just to get the bonus you want, keep in mind that you also have to wager the bonus money 15x. So a very small bonus of only $5 to $10 might not be worth the trouble.

All games count 100% towards clearing the bonus.

Borgata is one of the few NJ online casinos where you can clear your bonuses with any game you want and have it count 100%, so that is another great feature of this promotion. Typically, only slot games count 100%, so if you choose to clear the bonus with any other game, the wagering requirements increase substantially. Actually, 15x the bonus is more than most NJ online casinos require for slots, but a lot less than if you clear the bonus with blackjack or video poker. So the Borgata Holiday Bonus Challenge is a great opportunity for anyone who knows how to play these lower house edge games.

In addition, on top of all the loyalty points you earn during the promotion period to qualify for the bonus, clearing the bonus will reward you with even more.

The Bottom Line

You’re the best judge of whether you can afford the wagering entailed in this promotion and, if so, what size bonus to aim for over the next few days of play. No deposit is necessary, but you might want to make one anyway to ensure that your account is adequately funded. The clock is ticking, and for this offer, every day counts. Are you ready to take on the Holiday Bonus Challenge?





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