Double Golden Points and Chance for $1,000!


Is Golden Nugget Online Casino one of your favorite NJ gambling websites? If it is, this casino has a gem of a promotion going on right now that you definitely don’t want to miss. In addition to an opportunity to earn double Golden Points on either of two great slot games, by picking one game or the other, you get to weigh in on which slot gets the most play.

But that’s not all. Whichever slot is wagered on the most by all of the participants combined will be declared the winning slot. If that’s the slot you have chosen, your good luck might be just beginning. You could win a special prize, too. You could win up to $1,000 in bonus money!

Battle of the Gems


Time: April 22 through April 25

The Golden Nugget  NJ Online Casino stage is set, and the two slots–Smokin’ Hot Gems and Wild Wild Gems–are in position, ready for action. So instead of sitting on the sidelines, why not pick a side and show your support? The Battle of the Gems needs you, and you can definitely use a lot of double Golden Points.

Which slot will win Golden Nugget’s Battle of the Gems?

Slot competitions, in which players compete against each other to see who can rack up the most wins in a designated period of time are common. But the kind of competition that Golden Nugget Online Casino is holding this week where the slots, not just the players, are going head to head, could be an all-time first.

Which slot will reign supreme and receive the most wagers by Golden Nugget players this week? Will Smokin’ Hot Gems be as smoking hot as the name of the slot implies? Or will Golden Nugget players go wild for Wild Wild Gems? The Golden Nugget April 22-25 Battle of the Gems is underway!

Choose a side

Here’s where you come in. Even though the Battle of the Gems is already in full swing, it’s not too late to weigh in and show where your own loyalty lies. This competition could indeed be a lot more competitive than some of the early NBA playoff matchups and go down to the wire. So to help Golden Nugget decide the results, the casino would like you to choose a side.

What’s in it for you?

Now, in case you’re wondering what’s in it for you, Golden Nugget is giving you several extra incentives to participate.

Double Golden Points

For starters, regardless of which of the two slots you play, even if it is not the winning slot, all of your play during the April 22-25 promotion period earns you double Golden Points.

If you haven’t already opted in, there’s still time. But you’ll have to hurry because the promotion period ends at 11:59 p.m. tomorrow.  As soon as you’re ready to start, simply do the following:

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to My Promotions and claim the Battle of the Gems offer.
  • Pick your slot and start playing!

Golden Points are very valuable because whenever you accumulate enough of them, you can redeem them for cashback. In addition, if your point total is high enough, you may be eligible for special bonuses and other rewards and benefits.

Chance to win one of 300 bonus money prizes

For every $100 that you wager during the promotion period on either Smokin’ Hot Gems or Wild Wild Gems, you will earn one entry into the giveaway. But in order to have any shot at actually winning a prize, your play will have to be on the winning slot. The 300 players with the most entries earned on that game will all win bonus money. The distribution of prizes will be according to number of entries. The one player amassing the most entries will take home the top prize of $1,000!

How much can you win?

Only one super lucky player will win the top prize in this giveaway, but 299 other players will also win a prize. The following table shows what these prizes are.

Place Prize
1st Place $1,000 Bonus
2nd to 3rd $200 Bonus
4th to 66th $20 Bonus
67th to 300th $10 Bonus


All winners will be notified by 5 p.m. Friday, April 26. Keep in mind that these prizes will not be determined by a random drawing. In order to win a prize, first you need to have played the winning slot. In addition, your play on the winning slot will have to rank in the top 300.

However, It is not clear whether you absolutely must confine your play to just one of the two competing slots or if you can play both. If you’re allowed to play both, as long as you can afford it, I recommend that you do so and hedge your bets. A far worse outcome than simply not winning a bonus would be to have a huge stack of worthless tickets exclusively on the losing slot game!

Furthermore, 78% of the prizes are only $10. So, unless you can afford to bet big and that’s the way you play generally, don’t overplay your bankroll and wager more than you can afford just to have a shot at a bonus in this giveaway. It’s not worth it.

Bonus money wagering requirements

All bonuses awarded in the Battle of the Gems promotion come with a small additional wagering requirement. As with any other bonus you might receive from Golden Nugget Online Casino, you will need to complete this wagering before you will be permitted to withdraw either the bonus itself or any additional winnings from the bonus. Depending on your game choice, here is the amount you will need to wager:

  • Most slots: 1x bonus
  • Video poker or table games: 4x bonus
  • Excluded* slots: 5x bonus

You have up to seven days to complete the wagering. See the Golden Nugget website for the list of the 21 “excluded” slots and other important terms and conditions.

By the way, neither Smokin’ Hot Gems nor Wild Wild Gems, despite their 96.0% RTP, got relegated to the excluded list. So if you wish, you can clear your bonus with a 1x bonus wager on the same slot game that earned you your bonus. However, it’s not a requirement.

The bottom line is that it may take a tremendous amount of wagering to qualify for a bonus in this promotion. But if you do, the additional wagering you’ll need to do thereafter to clear the bonus is minimal.

Outstanding RTP and excellent chance to win even without the bonus money

Unfortunately, if you’re not a high roller, the likelihood of your winning one of the big bonus money prizes is probably slim to none. And if you’re a low stakes player, the odds don’t look good even for the $10 bonus. But that doesn’t mean if you’re a small player, this promotion is a waste of time. Far from it.

Earning double Golden Points isn’t the only way you can come out way ahead even if you don’t win a bonus. The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) for both Smokin’ Hot Gems and Wild Wild Gems is an outstanding 96.0 percent. This is a much higher rate of return than average, even for NJ online slots, so whatever your bankroll and betting unit, either of these slots is a great choice.

The high rate of return will keep you in the game even when you’re not having the best of luck. So there’s very little chance of experiencing the type of huge negative swings common to other slots that can quickly deplete your bankroll. You also have a better chance of winning.

Smokin’ Gems and Wild Wild Gems basics

The following material will help those of you who would like to opt into the Battle of the Gems promotion and earn double Golden Points, but are undecided about which slot to play, to pick the game you think you’ll like more.

The name Everi Gaming may not be as familiar to NJ online slot players as the industry giants like NetEnt and IGT, but this Spring Valley, Nevada based slot manufacturer has been making its presence in the industry felt since 2009. If you’re new to Everi slots, you won’t be for long, as two of its products are the two slots featured in the Battle of the Gems: Smokin’ Hot Gems and Wild Wild Gems.

These two slots are strikingly different from most of the other slots you probably play online, but strikingly similar to each other. When was the last time you played a slot with only three reels and nine paylines? You probably can’t even remember because it has been so long. But you can change that today.

Smokin’ Hot Gems

On first glance, this slot game, with its old standby regular symbols of bars, bells, and 7s, will probably fail to impress. But that’s only because the game’s three smokin’ hot gems--topaz, rubies, and diamonds–all with the capability to make this slot smokin’ hot–have yet to work their magic.

Smokin’ Hot Gems also offers four progressive jackpots!

Smoking and scorching hot wilds

The topaz and ruby symbols are the game’s wild symbols. As such, they can substitute for all non-wild symbols to help form non-progressive jackpot winning combinations.

However, it’s the diamond you really hope to see a lot of because that’s potentially the most valuable symbol of all. The topaz and ruby can be smokin’ hot, but only the diamond double wild symbol has the potential to be scorching hot!

The diamond double wild symbol not only substitutes for all non-wild symbols to help form non-progressive jackpot winning combinations, but doubles or quadruples the payout!

Smokin’ Hot Progressive Jackpots

All three wild symbols don’t just say “Wild,” when they appear on the reels, but “ Wild Jackpot.” That’s because these symbols can also be part of a progressive jackpot.

If three mixed Wild Jackpot symbols land on an active payline, you win the 4th tier jackpot.

However, you can do better.

If three Topaz Wild Jackpot symbols land on an active payline, you win the 3rd tier jackpot.

Better yet, if three Ruby Wild Jackpot symbols land on an active payline, you win the 2nd tier jackpot!

That leaves only one jackpot remaining. Hitting it is a longshot, but far from impossible.

All you need is for three Diamond Double Wild Jackpot symbols to land on an active payline. That’s how you win the 1st tier jackpot!

Smokin’ Hot Gems Basics
  • Reels: 3
  • Paylines: 9
  • Minimum Bet: 25 cents
  • Maximum Bet: $90
  • Volatility: Medium
  • RTP: 96.0%

Wild Wild Gems

In some respects, this simple slot, with its familiar symbols of bars and 7s, has an old school Vegas vibe as well. But better brace yourself for a totally different slot experience coming up. Once you feast your eyes on this slot’s brilliant rubies and stunning sapphires, the spectacular display might dazzle the daylights out of you.

Rubies and sapphires are this game’s wild symbols. As such, they substitute for the 7s and bars and double or quadruple the payout on any winning combinations of which they are a part.

Three rubies landing on the 9th payline with a maximum credits bet wins the top jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Wild Wild Gems Basics
  • Reels: 3
  • Paylines: 9
  • Minimum Bet: 25 cents
  • Maximum Bet: $450
  • Volatility: Medium
  • RTP: 96.0%




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