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Summer has begun, but it still may not be warm enough to enjoy all the fun activities like swimming and sunbathing you hope to squeeze in this time of year. No problem. has a sizzling new promotion that can keep you happily occupied indoors or outdoors or whatever the weather. It’s a Summer Sharepot!

The promotion starts today, Monday, June 26 and continues through Thursday, June 29.

What is a Sharepot?

For those of you who don’t know what a Sharepot is and how it works, here’s a brief introduction.

A Sharepot is a type of promotion offered at Tropicana Online Casino from time to time. Unlike a random drawing, where only those whose name is selected win a prize and everyone else walks away with nothing, in a Sharepot, no one who registers the requisite play walks away empty-handed. That’s because the promotion features a special prize pool that gets to be shared by all players who participate. A participating player is defined as any registered player who wagers at least a certain amount on online games during the promotional period. As long as you wager at least the minimum, you will receive a piece of the Sharepot. However, players whose contribution to the Sharepot is greater as a result of wagering more than the minimum receive a bigger piece of the Sharepot.

Another way the prize pool in a Sharepot differs from other prize pools is that instead of the prize coming in the form of cash, bonus money, a trip, or merchandise, it is in the form of Trop Points based on the number of tickets you earn playing. Trop Points can be converted into bonus dollars and then used like bonus dollars.

A third difference between a Sharepot and other prize pools, such as those linked to a drawing, is that in a typical drawing, all of the prizes are predetermined set amounts. However, the prizes in the Tropicana Summer Sharepot are yet to be determined, depending on the amount of wagering by players on the site. In other words, the casino does not know the size of the Sharepot ahead of time, any more than you do. The amount you and every other participating player wager during the promotion period determines how big the Sharepot will be.

How the Summer Sharepot Works

The present promotion, the Summer Sharepot, works as follows.

For every $10 wagered from June 26, 2017 through June 29, 2017, will add 1 Trop Point to the Sharepot, up to a total maximum of one million Trop Points.

In addition, as is only fair, the number of Trop Points ultimately going to each player depends on each person’s contribution to the pot. For every $50 wagered on a single calendar day, you earn one Sharepot ticket, up to a maximum of five per day, if you wager $250 or more.

Therefore, if you play all four days of the promotion and wager $250 each day, you will receive 20 tickets, which is the maximum.

How to Calculate Your Share of the Sharepot

The casino will do the math, so you don’t have to worry about it. But basically, this is what will happen.

Each player’s share of the Sharepot will be equal to the total number of Sharepot tickets the player earned during the promotional period divided by the total number of Sharepot tickets earned by all players combined during the promotional period. Then, whatever this percentage happens to be is the percentage of the total number of Trop Points in the Sharepot that belongs to you.

In other words, lets say, hypothetically, that you earn the maximum of 20 tickets and the total number of tickets earned by everybody combined is 1,000, and the total number of Trop Points in the Summer Sharepot is 100,000. Then your share of the Sharepot would be 2% of 100,000 or 2,000 Trop Points. However, each Trop Point is only worth 1 cent, so your bonus would amount to $20.

Redeeming Your Points

On Friday, June 30, the casino will determine how many Trop Points each participating player is entitled to, and you will be notified accordingly. The points will be credited to your online account within 3 business days.

Trop Points can be converted to Bonus Money, as per the rules on the casino’s website. Or contact Customer Support if you have any questions or need additional help.

The Bonus Money for this promotion works exactly like other bonuses at this online casino. Before you can withdraw any winnings therefrom, you have up to 30 days to wager the bonus 1x on any game. Once this wagering is completed, you are free to withdraw any associated winnings, but not the bonus itself. This is a non-redeemable bonus which the casino takes back.

Is the Summer Sharepot Promotion Worthwhile?

This promotion is certainly different, and I have to hand it to the casino for its creativity. The specifics are also quite complicated.

Since there is no way for you to determine in advance how much of the Summer Sharepot you are going to get and if it is even worth your time, you will just have to take your chances. Then be content with whatever it is, even if it’s only a token bonus of a few dollars.

Know Your Wagers and Stick to What You Can Afford

What you can and should figure out is how many tickets you are entitled to based on your wagers and make sure that number coincides with the number of tickets you actually receive. Keep in mind that you cannot carry over wagers from one day to the next in order to earn additional tickets. Also, if you should wager more than $250 on a single calendar day, the extra wagers won’t earn you any more tickets than the five per day maximum you already have. However, the additional wagers will count towards more Trop Points being added to the Sharepot. Therefore, your percentage of the pot won’t increase, but the number of Trop Points you earn might.

On the other hand, be careful not to wager more than you can afford just in the hope of getting a bigger bonus–which isn’t even redeemable.

Furthermore you will have to trust to award each player his or her fair share of the Sharepot since, obviously, there is no way for you to know how many other players have opted into the promotion and how much they are betting.

I do like the fact that the number of tickets per day is capped at five. So you don’t necessarily have to be a high roller to earn the maximum number of tickets. However, if betting $250 per day four days in a row exceeds your budget, you will need to cut down. As in any other promotion, wager what you can comfortably afford and no more than that.









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