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This week has a brand new promotion for you,. The casino is giving away $5,000 in Bonus Money and inviting you to grab a share. It’s the Virgin Online Casino version of Sharepot Week!

Sharepot Week is also Palindrome Week!

By the way, this promotion happens to coincide with Palindrome Week.  A palindrome is a set of words or numbers, in this case a date, that reads exactly the same forwards and backwards. For example, 71117 is a palindrome, and so is every day this week from 71017 through 71917 inclusive!

What does this have to do with the Sharepot Week promotion? Absolutely nothing! However, when you impress your friends, sharing the news about this innovative bonus opportunity, so they can take part, too, you can impress than further by telling them it’s also Palindrome Week!

How Sharepot Week at Works

Sharepot is a type of promotion in which the casino allocates a certain amount of Bonus Dollars for distribution to those who play on the site during a designated period of time. Players earn Sharepot tickets based on their activity during the promotion, as stipulated in the terms and conditions. Then, as soon as the promotional period is over, the casino determines each player’s share.

First the casino calculates the total number of tickets earned by all players combined. Then each person’s share is determined by dividing the number of tickets that player earned by the total number of tickets everybody earned. This percentage is the percentage of the total Bonus Money in the Sharepot the player will receive.

The math may sound complicated, but don’t worry about it. That’s the casino’s job, not yours. All you have to do is earn tickets and collect and wager your bonus!

Earn Tickets by Completing Challenges

Both and sister online casino offer Sharepot promotions on a regular basis. But unlike some of the other Sharepot promotions you may have participated in, where players earn tickets simply based on how much they wager, in this promotion, the way you earn tickets is by completing specific challenges.

More specifically, in order to get your hands on a piece of this week’s Sharepot, here is what you need to do. The casino has come up with three separate challenges, and you need to complete at least one of them. You don’t have to complete all three, but if you can, it’s definitely to your advantage. That’s because each challenge you successfully complete during the promotional period earns you one Sharepot ticket.

Sharepot Week Wagering Period

Sharepot Week at started yesterday, July 10, and continues until 11:59 p.m. Thursday, July 13. Whether or not you logged in and played on day 1 doesn’t matter. As long as you log into your account during the promotional period and complete one or more of the three Sharepot Week challenges by July 13 or sooner, a nice reward will be waiting for you. When all is said and done, you will get a piece of the Sharepot!

The Three Sharepot Week Challenges

 Here are the three challenges that Virgin Online Casino is giving you:

  • Make a net deposit of $50 and wager it once.
  • Wager at least $50, using the casino mobile app.
  • Wager $50 each day for at least two days during the promotion.

If you’re a regular player, all three are things you probably do on the site routinely. So given the very reasonable wagering requirements, meeting the three challenges should be a piece of cake.

The first two challenges each require just $50 in wagers, while the third challenge requires $100 in wagers. So all together, you will need to wager $200, and that’s it. The wagers can be on any game of your choosing. In addition, except for the fact that the third challenge requires play on two separate days, whether you meet the challenges on the same day or spread the action over different days is entirely up to you.

How Much Can You Win?

On Friday, July 14, the casino will determine both the size of the Sharepot and how much each participating player is entitled to receive. The bonus will then be credited to players’ accounts within 24 hours.

Wagering Requirements for the Bonus Money

The rules pertaining to the Bonus Money in this promotion are the same as for all bonuses. The wagering requirements are 1x the bonus. Any game is fine, and as long as this minuscule requirement is completed within 30 days, any resulting winnings are yours. However, the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn. Its sole purpose is to reward you for your play by temporarily boosting your gambling bankroll. As soon as the bonus is played through once, the casino takes it back.

Why Sharepot Week is a Good Promotion

The three challenges that is asking you to complete in this promotion are very reasonable. In fact, they are reasonable enough that they are within reach of almost any player. You certainly do not have to be a high roller to take advantage.

You also have the option to meet just one or two challenges and still qualify for a piece of the Sharepot. But if you can complete all three challenges, you will get a bigger piece of the Sharepot. So that is what you should aim for.

Of course, this promotion would be even better if you could keep the bonus. But keep in mind that since you are only required to wager the bonus once, all wagers made with the Bonus Money are completely risk-free. In the worst case scenario, you lose the bonus, so you would wind up no worse off than just before you got the bonus. But think positive. You could wind up ahead.

In summary, any player looking for a fun promotion with reasonable wagering requirements and a guaranteed bonus (albeit probably a small one) will find it in Sharepot Week!




Barbara Nathan
Barbara Nathan is both a professional writer and casino, poker, and sports betting expert. Originally from NYC, she relocated to Absecon, NJ in 2013 just prior to the official launch of New Jersey regulated online casino and poker gambling. Besides keeping tabs on important developments in the industry from day 1, Barbara is very familiar with what each NJ online casino has to offer. Her comprehensive, unbiased reviews and promotion descriptions provide a valuable service to NJ online casino players. Barbara also enjoys volunteering in the Atlantic City community. She is a certified literacy tutor at the Atlantic City Public Library.

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