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One of the special perks you get to enjoy as a NJ online casino player is extra Bonus Money credited to your account. Because these rewards are extended to you frequently, both as matches on your deposit and based on your play, their contribution to your bottom line can be significant. However, from time to time, many NJ online casinos offer another way to get your account balance to grow–be a prize winner in a random drawing! In fact, that’s what the Weekly Sweepstakes that BetfairCasino.com introduced on December 31, 2016, which are still ongoing, are all about.

BetfairCasino.com Weekly Sweepstakes Essentials

What You Can Win

The weekly prize pool for this promotion is $5,000. But as with most NJ online casino drawings, when a player wins a share of that prize pool, the prize doesn’t come in the form of immediately withdrawable cash. Instead, you receive a credit to your account, which first needs to be wagered, as per the terms and conditions of the promotion. Usually the prize is described as “Bonus Dollars” or “Bonus Money.” However, in this instance, the term used is “Site Credits.”

The website doesn’t state how the prizes are to be allocated. No information is provided on either how many names will be drawn each week or what the prize range is. So, with regard to the amount you can win, we have no idea.

Site Credits–Similar to Bonus Dollars, but Better

These terms all mean the same thing, namely that before you can access the prize free and clear for your own use, you must meet the casino’s wagering requirements. However, one important difference between Bonus Money prizes in most drawings and the Site Credits given out as prizes in the Weekly Sweepstakes at Betfair is that the latter don’t expire. Typically, players only have a very limited period of time to clear the bonus. In fact, the allotted time is sometimes as little as one day. If the minimum wagering requirements have not been met by the expiration of that time period, the bonus disappears. However, at Betfair Online Casino, players don’t have to worry about that. They don’t have to rush or play beyond their means to ensure completing the wagering requirements before time runs out on them. They can take as much time as they need or want.

Another difference between prizes in the form of Bonus Money and the Site Credits prizes in the Betfair giveaway is in the rules for withdrawal. Any winnings from Bonus Money wagers while the required wagering is still in progress also remain unavailable to you for withdrawal. You have to wait until all the required wagering has been completed to access both the bonus and any winnings therefrom. However, all winnings from wagers made with Site Credits are converted into immediately withdrawable real cash. You don’t have to wait until all your Site Credits have been wagered to access these winnings. As for the Site Credits themselves, they are for wagering purposes only and not withdrawable.

When the SweepstakesTake Place

The time period for earning each week’s entries is Thursday through Sunday.  After logging into your account for the first time on one of those days, make a deposit of at least $10. This qualifies you to earn entries into the drawing based on your play on any or all of those four days.  Every 30 Tier Points earned gets you 1 entry into the drawing. Then on Monday, the day of the drawing, the winners will be determined and the various prizes will be distributed. Players’ accounts will be credited accordingly within 72 hours.

How to Enter the Sweepstakes

 If you wish to participate in this promotion, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log into your BetfairCasino.com account during the Thursday-Sunday promotional period each week.
  • Go to the Deposits Page. Enter the Promo Code WEEKLY.
  • When you see the message “Success, your bonus code is valid,” make a deposit of $10 or more. You must reenter the Promo Code, followed by a new deposit each week you wish to participate, even if you already entered it the week before.
  • Play your favorite online games. All games except craps and Poker Bet count. The more Tier Points you earn from your play between Thursday and Sunday, the more tickets you will receive into the drawing.

Is the BetfairCasino.com Weekly Sweepstakes Worth Your Time?

Entering is Easy

All you have to do enter the weekly sweepstakes and have a shot at winning is log into your BetfairCasino.com, enter the appropriate Promo Code, and make a nominal deposit. Therefore, if you’re a a BetfairCasino.com player, there’s no reason not to go ahead and take a shot. Furthermore, the size of your deposit has no bearing on either your odds of being selected for a prize or the amount. So the only reason for depositing more than $10 would be to ensure having enough money in your account to play as you normally do.

How This Promotion Could Be Better

This promotion, like most online casino promotions, could be better, however. For starters, it is surprising and disappointing that the website does not list the specific prizes and how many players will win each one. Without this information, it is impossible to assess the likelihood of winning a prize.

Furthermore, there appears to be no cap on the number of tickets any one player can earn each week. So an important question becomes whether the sweepstakes then becomes a waste of time for small stakes players who can’t possibly compete against high rollers capable of racking up a massive number of entries.

The casino’s advice is to accumulate “as many tickets as possible” in order to maximize your chances. I agree, but only to a point. Limit your betting to what is comfortable for you and what you can afford. No sweepstakes, including this one, is worth exceeding those limits just to receive additional entries.

A Good Promotion in Spite of the Weaknesses

On the other hand, if you’re one of the lucky winners, when you complete the additional wagering is entirely up to you. There are no deadlines imposed on you because Site Credits don’t expire. Another positive feature of this promotion is that you gain access to your winnings piecemeal. You don’t have to wait until you have wagered all of your Site Credits. So you get to celebrate the tangible results of your prize sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the “Site Credits” themselves are not withdrawable. Each credit works like a match play; as soon as you wager it, win or lose, it’s gone.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the BetfairCasino.com Weekly Sweepstakes is a fun promotion whereby you can earn tickets into a drawing that could result in valuable Site Credits being added to your account. Then, if your good luck continues, you can turn those credits into real cash.









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