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 If you are a VirginCasino.com player, you will be pleased to know that, by popular demand, tonight, Wednesday, August 9, the casino will be holding another Spin to Win Slots Party. Here is everything you need to know to take part in the fun.

Date and Time: Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 6-9 p.m.

Place: Facebook Live

Watch the VirginCasino.com Chat Host spin the Slot Bonus Wheel. Depending on where the wheel lands, the casino will give you  the indicated percentage Playback Bonus if your play during the promotional period on a designated slot game results in a net loss. Then, before the three hour promotional period expires, play any of these slot games:

            Tiki Island

            Tiki Island Mini

            Secrets of the Phoenix

 If you win, great. But just in case you don’t, the casino has you covered  with a 20%, 30%, 50%, or maybe even a 100% Playback Bonus on your net losses, up to $25.

In order to receive the maximum bonus of $25, the amount you would need to lose will vary as follows, depending on what percentage of the net loss the casino is giving back:

            20% Playback Bonus: $125

            30% Playback Bonus: $84

            50% Playback Bonus: $50

            100% Playback Bonus: $25

 By the way, apart from opting into this promotion, you can also take advantage of your time in the VirginCasino.com Chat Room to ask the host any questions you may have.

Spin to Win Bonus Wagering Requirements

The Spin to Win Playback Bonus comes with the same terms and conditions as other VirginCasino.com bonuses,. But I’ll recap them here for those who may be new to the site.

If your play qualifies you for a bonus, the amount you are entitled to will be credited to your account within three business days. You then have up to 30 days to wager the Bonus Money 1x on any game of your choosing. As soon as you do, any winnings therefrom are available for withdrawal, but not the Bonus Money itself.

Unfortunately, all bonuses from VirginCasino.com and sister casino TropicanaCasino.com for existing players are sticky bonuses. They are better than no bonus because they temporarily boost your online account with a small amount of extra wagering money. If you’re lucky, you’ll win with it, but win or lose, as soon as you wager the bonus once, the bonus is gone.

Is the Spin to Win Slots Party Worth Your Time?

Win or Get the Bonus?—You Can’t Have Both

The problem with Playback bonuses is that losing your own money is a prerequisite for getting it. Unfortunately, this condition creates a conflict between the player’s desire to win on the one hand and the desire to get the bonus on the other hand, as the casino is making sure that both outcomes are impossible. More often that not, the player loses and gets the bonus, which is exactly what the casino wants. That’s because unless it is a 100% bonus, the casino is still coming out ahead on the deal.

By making the bonus a non-redeemable Playback Bonus instead of a cashable Payback Bonus, the casino has extra insurance that the bonus will enhance its own bottom line. That’s because unless you actually win with the bonus, whatever amount you lost prior to getting the bonus is not reduced one iota.

Most of the VirginCasino.com and TropicanaCasino.com Playback Bonuses only amount to a very small percentage of the player’s loss like 10% or 15%. When the percentage is that tiny, with a small cap to boot, the likelihood that the bonus will turn a losing session into a winning one is extremely remote.

The Higher the Playback Percentage, the Better the Bonus

Today’s Spin to Win Slots Party is better because the percentage of the player’s loss being offered as a Playback Bonus is higher. The bigger the bonus in proportion to the amount lost, the greater the likelihood that the player will wind up with a better outcome as a result.

If You Lose, At Least You Get a Free Ride

The best feature of Playback Bonuses is the minuscule wagering requirement of just 1x the bonus. Even in the worst case scenario where, on top of a losing session with your own money, you lose the bonus, too, you are no worse off. That’s because the additional loss is with the casino’s money, not yours. So, think of the Playback Bonus as a free ride, which as long as the casino is willing to give it, you might as well take.

Therefore, if you’re a VirginCasino.com player and have the time to play this evening, the Spin to Win Slots Party is an event you should not miss. Play one of the slot games that gives you a Playback Bonus if you lose, but if you’re doing well, try to quit while you’re still ahead. Otherwise, limit your loss to whatever minimum amount ($125, $84, $50, or $25) will ensure your receiving the maximum bonus of $25.






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