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If you’re a slots player, the weekend of Friday, August 11 through Sunday, August 13 would be as good a time as any to try your luck. The casino won’t have anything extra for you besides the usual loyalty points if you win, but just in case you don’t, a disappointing outcome should be a lot easier to take. It’s still not as good as winning, but for a consolation prize, it’s not bad– a 15% Tropicana Casino Playback Bonus on the weekend’s net losses, up to $50!

 How to Qualify for the Tropicana Casino Playback Bonus

 Here is what you need to do to be eligible for this promotion:

  • Log in to your account anytime during the August 11-13 weekend.
  • Wager $50 or more on one or more of the following slot games:


     The $100,000 Pyramind

      Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

      Guns “N’ Roses

      Tiki Island

      Theme Park

       Fantasini: Master of Mystery

       Secrets of Atlantis

You can play one day, two days, or all three days this weekend, as you wish. However, if you play more than one day, your eligibility for the bonus will be based on your total play during the promotional period, not just on a single day’s play. In other words, even if you win on one or two of the days, as long as your play amounting to $50 or more for the whole weekend together shows a net loss, you are still entitled to a bonus.

In order to get the maximum bonus of $50, you would need to lose a minimum of $333.34. The smallest bonus that the casino is giving out is $1, which would require a minimum loss of $6.67.

Tropicana Casino Playback Bonus Wagering Requirements

On Monday, August 14, the casino will determine how much, if any, Bonus Money you are entitled to and, if you qualify, your account will be credited accordingly within three business days. At that point, the bonus is subject to the same wagering requirements as all bonuses. You have up to 30 days to wager the bonus 1x on any game. As soon as you do, you are free to withdraw any resulting winnings, but not the bonus itself.

Unfortunately, all bonuses for existing players at both and sister casino are sticky. As soon as you wager the bonux 1x, win or lose, the casino takes the Bonus Money Back.

Is This Weekend’s Tropicana Casino Playback Bonus Worthwhile?

I have repeatedly said that I personally do not like Playback Bonuses. My main objection is the psychological manipulation game that the casino is playing in these promotions. I know that I can’t always win when I play, but I like going into a game with the positive expectation of a reasonably good chance to win, Starting play instead with the negative mindset that I will probably lose, but if I do, I don’t care because the casino has a bonus waiting for me is tantamount to setting myself up to lose.

Furtherore, I strongly believe that knowing that if one loses, there will be a bonus encourages most players to keep playing longer than they should, with greater likelihood, if they are ahead, of giving back their winnings. No Playback Bonus, unless it is a 100% return of one’s losses, is going to be anywhere near as good as winning, even when the win cancels the offer of a bonus.

Playback Bonuses vs.Payback Bonuses

Yet another way Playback Bonuses are advantageous to the casino and disadvantageous to the player is that you can’t simply pocket the refund, cut your losses, and call it a day. Instead, you have to wager the bonus, so you have to keep on playing. With a withdrawable Payback Bonus, on the other hand, you are not under any obligation to wager the bonus.

A 15% Playback Bonus that you can’t keep most likely won’t be enough to turn a losing session into a winning one. But one very good thing about this offer is that you only have to wager the bonus once. So you are getting a free ride with no further risk to your own bankroll whatsoever.

The Bottom Line

Based on all of the foregoing, even though what you’re being offered is just another mediocre Playback Bonus, if you enjoy playing slots at Tropicana Online Casino, you should go ahead and give it a shot this weekend. Then see what happens. If you’re having good luck, grab your winnings, big or small, and forget about the bonus. Otherwise, try to limit your losses to no more than the $333.34 that would qualify you for the maximum Tropicana Casino Playback Bonus of $50.




Barbara Nathan
Barbara Nathan is both a professional writer and casino, poker, and sports betting expert. Originally from NYC, she relocated to Absecon, NJ in 2013 just prior to the official launch of New Jersey regulated online casino and poker gambling. Besides keeping tabs on important developments in the industry from day 1, Barbara is very familiar with what each NJ online casino has to offer. Her comprehensive, unbiased reviews and promotion descriptions provide a valuable service to NJ online casino players. Barbara also enjoys volunteering in the Atlantic City community. She is a certified literacy tutor at the Atlantic City Public Library.

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