Caesars Mystery Bonus Weekend is Back!


This weekend only, Caesars Online Casino is repeating one of its most popular promotions. That’s right. Mystery Bonus Weekend is back! The last time offered this deal was the weekend of June 22-25, so it’s certainly not too soon for a reprise.

If you’re a account holder, you will definitely want to take advantage of this promotion, especially since accessing the bonus couldn’t be easier. Why wait what could be another two months or longer for the next time Caesars makes this offer when you have a guaranteed bonus waiting for you right now?

Those of you who participated in the June offer, as described in my post of June 24 , already know all the important details since this new promotion is the same in every respect. But just to be certain, you should take the time to reread the information here.

Or, if you missed the earlier promotion, you will be pleasantly surprised. You don’t have to be a high roller to qualify. Everyone who participates in Mystery Bonus Weekend gets a bonus, and prior to your actually receiving your prize, you don’t even have to wager a cent!  While your prize could be small, it could also be big. You could unlock up to $250 in Bonus Money! How can you turn down an exciting offer like that?

How to Take Part in Mystery Bonus Weekend

This promotion starts today, Friday, August 18, and continues through the weekend and Monday, August 21.

Here are the simple instructions you need to follow in order to participate and receive your bonus.

  • Log into your account anytime during the August 18-21 promotional period.
  • Click on “My Account” and then on “My Bonuses.”
  • Enter the code MYSTERY8. Then click on “Get Details.”
  • Look for the words Mystery Bonus under “Available Bonuses.” Then click on “Deposit” next to the bonus.
  • Make a deposit of $10 or more. You are then automatically entered into the drawing to determine what your Mystery Bonus will be.

You Will Definitely Get a Bonus, But Not Right Away

In order to be eligible for a bonus, you will need to opt into this promotion and make your deposit with the indicated promotion code no later than Monday, August 21. However, don’t expect to receive your bonus immediately. In fact, you won’t even know the amount you will receive until Thursday, August 24. That’s when the all-important drawing will take place.

So you will need to be patient a little while longer because until then, your mystery prize will remain a mystery. Whether or not you play in the meantime is entirely up to you. The wagering requirements for this promotion don’t kick in until you actually receive the bonus, and the amount, if any, wagered prior to that time will have no bearing on the size of your prize.

How the Mystery Bonus Differs From Other NJ Online Casino Bonuses

The Caesars Online Casino Mystery Bonus is guaranteed. That’s what makes this drawing completely different from most NJ online casino drawings, where only a few players win a prize and everyone else walks away empty-handed.

Another difference is that all players are on equal footing with one entry only. If you are a small player, you have the same chance to win one of the better prizes as players who typically wager much higher amounts.

How Much Can You Win in the Mystery Bonus Promotion?

All of the prizes up for grabs in this promotion are in the form of bonus dollars added to your account. The smallest prize is $5 bonus dollars, and the largest is $250 bonus dollars. The following matrix shows how the top three prizes of $250, $100, and $25 bonus dollars will be distributed. After these 56 prizes are awarded, all remaining players will receive $5 bonus dollars.

Prize Matrix


Winners Prize Estimated Value
1 Winner Online Bonus Play ($250) $250
5 Winners Online Bonus Play ($100 per player) $500
Online Bonus Play ($25 per player) $1250


Each player is eligible for one prize only. The prize will be made available on August 24, and must be claimed no later than August 31.

Mystery Bonus Wagering Requirements

The Mystery Bonus is subject to the following wagering requirements:

            Slots: 5x bonus

            Video Poker: 10x bonus

            All Other Games: 25x bonus

Players have 7 days to complete this wagering. Upon doing so, both the bonus itself and any associated winnings will become available for withdrawal.

Why the Mystery Bonus Weekend is a Great Offer

Judging by the enthusiastic response to past Mystery Bonus offers, players not only love getting a bonus on their deposits, but they love surprises, too. This promotion combines the prospect of maybe getting a big bonus without having to make a big deposit with the element of mystery, since there is no way of knowing what will happen ahead of time. That’s what makes it extra fun.

Guaranteed Bonus for Everyone

Even though, in all likelihood, your bonus will be small, you have just as much chance as anyone else of having your name picked for a big bonus. Unfortunately, out of all the people participating (and there will be many), only one of them will win the $250 bonus dollars top prize and only five will win the second biggest prize of $100 bonus dollars. So your odds aren’t good. But if all you win is $25 bonus dollars, or even only $5 bonus dollars, it’s better than nothing. And considering that you’re in the drawing even with a token deposit of $10 and no advance wagering, it’s amazing that you are getting any bonus at all!

Look at it this way. If you deposit $10 (and there is no advantage to depositing more) at the very least, the casino will give you a generous 50% match on your deposit, but if Lady Luck is really smiling on you could be looking at a 2,500% deposit match!

Also, a word of caution for small players. Don’t deposit any more than you have to, which is $10. Otherwise, if you leave yourself with a lot more money in your account than usual, it will be very hard to resist the temptation to overbet your bankroll while waiting for your bonus. Don’t put yourself in a position where you might be losing several hundred dollars of your own money with only a $5 bonus to show for it.

Reasonable Wagering Requirements

Another nice feature of this bonus is its reasonable wagering requirements. Here is the breakdown for each prize, depending on which game you choose.

$250 Bonus

 Slots:  $1,250

Video Poker: $2,500

Table Games: $6,250

$100 Bonus

Slots: $500

Video Poker: $1,000

Table Games: $2,500

$25 Bonus

 Slots: $125

Video Poker: $250

Table Games: $625

$5 Bonus

The terms and conditions listed on the website state that the $5 bonus, unlike the larger bonuses, is for slot play only. However, if you do have a choice, your wagering requirements for each game type would be as follows:

 Slots: $25

Video Poker: $50

Table Games: $125

Don’t feel you have to complete the wagering in one day, if you would rather not. After waiting several days for the casino to give you your bonus, the casino can wait a few days for you to bet the bonus.

The Icing on the Cake: Total Rewards Points

There are not a lot of other decent bonus offers this weekend competing for your attention, so don’t let this rare opportunity to have Caesars Online Casino give you a guaranteed bonus pass you by. Not that I haven’t already given you enough good reasons to take advantage of Mystery Bonus Weekend, here is another. is a Total Rewards casino. So wagering your Mystery Bonus will count towards building your Total Rewards Points and Tier Points.





Barbara Nathan
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