Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch


Fall is pumpkin  season! That makes this October weekend the perfect time to visit the Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch and pick from their latest crop of bonuses.

When to Pick Your Bonus from the Golden Nugget Pumpkin Patch

Seasonal bonuses with catchy names are a regular occurrence at, and the Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch is this NJ online casino’s latest. The Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch opened for picking on Friday, October 20 and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, October 22.

What You’ll Find at the Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch

Pick your bonus from these three offerings:

             Deposit $20 and get a $5 bonus.


             Deposit $100 and get a $20 bonus.


             Deposit $200 and get a $100 bonus.

Choose carefully because you can only claim this offer once and pick one bonus. In addition, once you make a selection, you cannot change your mind and claim one of the other two bonuses instead. Only your first deposit after accepting the offer counts.

Wagering Requirements for the Bonus

Regardless of which bonus you pick, the wagering requirements are the same:

            Slots: 10x bonus

            All Other Games: 50x bonus

 You have seven days to complete these wagering requirements.

Additional Terms and Conditions

The reason for the substantially higher wagering requirements for games other than slots is that these games only count 20%, as compared to the full 100% for slots. It should also be noted that the player’s own deposited money is used first in clearing the bonus, and then the bonus funds.

While the wagering to clear the bonus is in progress, the bonus, any bonus-related winnings, and the deposit tied to the bonus are all locked into your account and remain that way until all of the wagering requirements have been fully satisfied. Any premature withdrawal or failure to complete the necessary wagering within the allotted time period (7 days) will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any related winnings.

Specific Wagering Requirements for Each Bonus

Here are the wagering requirements for slots and non-slot play for all three bonus sizes:

$5 Bonus

Slots: $50

Other Games: $250

$20 Bonus

Slots: $200

Other Games: $1,000

$100 Bonus

Slots: $1,000

Other Games: $5,000

Which Bonus Should You Take?

As the size of your deposit increases from $20 (minimum) to $200 (maximum), the percentage of the deposit that the casino matches as a bonus also increases. The tiny $5 bonus you get with a $20 deposit amounts to a 25% deposit match. On a $100 deposit, you get a $20 bonus, surprisingly an even lower percentage deposit match of only 20%. However, if you can afford to deposit $200, your $100 bonus weighs in at a generous 50% of your deposit!

Clearly, the $100 bonus on a deposit of $200 is the best of the three offers as long as you can afford it.

Is the Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch Worth Your Time?

Many online casino bonus offers don’t take into account the fact that different players are looking for different features in a bonus. The offer is the same for everyone, take it or leave it. Therefore, Golden Nugget Online Casino is to be applauded for trying to come up with a bonus that can appeal to smaller and bigger players alike.

Only the $100 Bonus Offers Good Value

While the $100 bonus on a deposit of $200 is fine, the two smaller bonuses leave a lot to be desired. In both cases, the percentage of the deposit match is too skimpy to get excited about.

The other problem with the $5 bonus is that the face value is so tiny that it in all likelihood it’s a complete waste of time. Realistically, what do you expect to win with $5?

As for the $100 bonus, whoever designed this bonus needs to enroll in a math class! If a casino is going to change the percentage match on a bonus based on the size of the player’s deposit, at least be consistent about it and increase rather than decrease the percentage match for bigger deposits.

The Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch would be more tempting to smaller players who might be overplaying their bankroll depositing $200 and taking the $100 bonus if instead of three bonuses to choose from, there were only two. Drop the $5 bonus altogether and change the $20 bonus to a $30 bonus, for a 30% deposit match. Better yet, make the high rollers happy and offer a third bonus option–a 100% deposit match of $500!

Reasonable Wagering Requirements Make the Bonuses Manageable

Seven days to clear the bonus is not as ideal as as a longer period, but it is still a lot better than being required to complete the wagering requirements in one day. So take advantage of this extra time and spread out your play. That way, if you would rather play blackjack or video poker to meet all or part of the wagering requirements, the hefty 50x bonus playthrough might be more manageable. And, of course, using slots, with only a 10x bonus wagering requirement, for part of your play will reduce the total amount of wagering.

Here’s another tip. Open the “i” tab for each slot you are considering so you will know the expected “return to player” (RTP) for that game. Then try to pick only those slots with an RTP of 96% or better; otherwise pass and find a better game.

The Bottom Line

Unless you absolutely can’t afford to deposit $200, the 50% bonus of $100 is the offer you should claim from the Golden Nugget Bonus Pumpkin Patch. If you don’t think you can handle the relatively steep wagering requirements for blackjack or video poker, stick to slots. If you only play the games with the highest RTP and take advantage of the full seven day wagering period, you should be okay.










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