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All during the month of October, had been offering daily bonuses, a different bonus for each day of the week. Those of you who took advantage may have been wondering now that the October promotion is over, whether the casino will offer anything similar this month, so here’s the answer. Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean that Borgata Online Casino doesn’t have other tricks up its sleeve. But be forewarned. The special offers for November are not for the faint of heart. As Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” and the same holds true for players for the entire month of November. You never know ahead of time what you will get for your November Daily Mystery Prize!

If you are one of those players who insist on being told in advance exactly what your bonus will amount to and what you have to do to earn it, forget it. But if you’re a player who loves surprises as well as prizes, let the action begin!

On which days will the offers be great and which only so-so? I don’t have a clue and neither will you until you actually log into your account and claim that day’s surprise. Every day the offer is different. That’s why it’s called the November Daily Mystery Prize!

How to Participate in the November Daily Mystery Prize Promotion at

The Borgata Daily Mystery Prize promotion is available every day in November. Here is what you need to do to be eligible.

  • Log into your account every day in November (or as close to every day as possible)
  • Click on the Promotions tab and opt into the Daily Mystery Prize
  • Open your special card to reveal your bonus for the day.
  • Start playing and collect your prize.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Each day that you wish to participate, you need to log in again and opt into the special offer for that day. All bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 15x the bonus. Any game is okay and counts the full 100%. However, all wagering must be completed by no later than 11:59 p.m. the following day. Otherwise, both the bonus and any associated winnings will be forfeited.

Deposit Match Bonuses

In addition, some offers are for a deposit match bonus, in which case the minimum deposit can be anywhere from $50 to $200. Whenever a deposit is required, not only the bonus and any bonus related winnings, but also the deposit tied to the bonus, is locked into your account while the wagering is in progress.

While clearing the bonus, the player’s deposited funds are used first and then the bonus funds. However, as with all bonuses, players earn full loyalty points on all wagers, including those made with bonus funds.

More Than One Active Bonus at a Time is Fine

Another nice feature of this promotion is that you can claim the following day’s bonus before completing the wagering requirements for the previous day’s bonus. In other words, you can have more than one active bonus at a time. However, you can only clear one bonus at a time. Ordinarily, the bonus that was activated earliest is the one cleared first. But players also have the option to put a bonus on pause and work on clearing another bonus and then resume clearing the paused bonus later, provided it hasn’t expired.

What Makes the November Daily Mystery Prize Promotion at Borgata Online Casino a Great Offer

An ongoing promotion like this one that can be accessed repeatedly doesn’t have to be great, or even worth your time, every day, to be outstanding overall. There are several reasons why the November Daily Mystery Prize promotion is an opportunity no registered Borgata online player should pass up.

Many Bonuses to Choose From So You Can Afford to Be Selective

Based on the sheer number of bonuses presented, some offers are bound to be better than others, or at least more to your liking than others. But that’s okay because on the flip side, with 30 daily prizes in all, you not only have plenty of opportunities to have the casino help add to your account balance, you can afford to be selective.

Some online casinos hold special promotions for existing customers only occasionally. So if you don’t particularly like a given offer or if it comes at an inopportune time for you, tough luck. It’s take it or leave it, and if you don’t take it, you may have a long wait until the casino has anothert viable offer.  Not so with the Borgata Daily Mystery Bonus. Even if you miss some along the way, no big deal. The following day there’s a brand new offer!

This is a Fun Promotion—Gamblers Love a Good Mystery

This promotion differs from those where the bonus is a fixed amount. The advantage of the latter is that because you know ahead of time precisely what that amount is and what you need to do to earn it, there is no possibility of being disappointed by it falling short of your expectations. But for gamblers who want excitement, that feature is lacking. Many gamblers love surprises and don’t mind taking a risk–as long as it is reasonably affordable–in the hope of a surprise that may surpass their expectations. In that respect, nothing beats a good mystery bonus, and when these kinds of bonuses keep coming in rapid succession, as they do this month at Borgata Online Casino, how can you not be tempted?

The Good Features Outnumber and Override The Promotion’s Main Weakness, Very Little Time to Clear the Bonus

Unless your bankroll is huge, you need to be very careful because wagering the bonus 15 times in a 24 hour period day after day is a tall order. However, the fact that you can clear the bonus with any game, including those with the lowest house edge and have it count the full 100% helps a lot. So does the fact that you can opt into more than one bonus at a time and you earn loyalty points on bonus money wagers as well as those with your own money. But the best feature of all is the one mentioned earlier–the sheer number of bonus offers. You don’t have to take all of them to come out way ahead of the game, only the best of them.





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