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Modern technology keeps changing so fast it’s hard to keep up with all the improvements. But one thing is for certain. It’s only a matter of time before what was once touted as the newest and best high tech item of its kind either becomes obsolete or, at the very least, less appealing with the availability of a newer and presumably more advanced model. Players at Tropicana Online Casino really appreciate the frequently occurring electronic gadget giveaways where all the items selected as prizes have been carefully chosen to reflect the latest in consumer products technology.

Unfortunately, in the random drawings to determine the winners, only a handful of players win one of these top prizes. So to make the promotion more worthwhile for other participants, TropicanaCasino.com also offers Bonus Money as a prize.

Prizes in the Current Giveaway

The last time TropicanaCasino.com had this type of promotion was less than a month ago during the weekend of October 15-22. Besides Bonus Money, which is always a welcome prize, the top prizes up for grabs then included a Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum, Google Home, and Keurig Coffee Maker. Now Tropicana Online Casino is back with another electronic gadgets giveaway, but this time the focus is on home entertainment.

The top prizes are a 40” HDTV, two Sonos speakers, and two Apple Air Pods. According to the TropicanaCasino.com website, these prizes are valued at $500, $300, and $150, respectively. In addition, the casino is giving away $5,000 in Bonus Money, and 89 lucky players will each win a share.

Dates for the Current Hi-Tech Gadgets and Bonus Money Giveaway

The promotional period for this week’s Hi-Tech Gadgets and Bonus Money Giveaway started Monday, November 6 and continues until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, November 12. So if you haven’t already started earning entries, you still have tonight and the weekend to do so.

How to Earn Entries

All you have to do to earn entries into the drawing is play your favorite games, as usual. For each $50 wagered on any game on a single calendar day during the promotional period, you earn one entry, up to a maximum of five entries per day. Wagers cannot be carried over from one day to the next so if your wagers for the day total less than $50 or are between multiples of $50, those wagers won’t count.

You do not need to be a New Jersey resident to participate in this promotion. However, you do need to be a registered TropicanaCasino.com player with access to this casino’s online games. Residents of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico are not eligible.

Distribution of Prizes

On Monday, November 13, a random drawing will be held among all eligible entries to decide who the 94 winners are and what prize each of them will win. The following table shows how the various prizes will be distributed.


# of Prizes Prize
1 40” HDTV ($500 Value)
2 Sonos Play:3 ($300 Value)
2 Apple Air Pods ($160 Value)
4 $250 Bonus Money
5 $200 Bonus Money
10 $100 Bonus Money
20 $50 Bonus Money
50 $20 Bonus Money

Claiming Your Prize

All winners will be notified via email within three business days. Players then have up to 14 calendar days to claim their prize in accordance with the instructions given. All prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

Bonus Money Wagering Requirements 

The 89 players who win a prize in the form of Bonus Money will need to meet the usual TropicanaCasino.com wagering requirements for bonuses before being able to withdraw any winnings therefrom. These requirements are very modest: just 1x the bonus on any game, with up to 30 days to complete the wagering.  However, only the winnings become withdrawable then, not the bonus itself. The bonus is sticky and never withdrawable because as soon as it is wagered once, the casino takes it back. Unfortunately, not only all TropicanaCasino.com bonuses for existing players, but also all bonuses for existing players at VirginCasino.com work this way.

Is This Week’s Hi-Tech Gadgets and Bonus Giveaway at TropicanaCasino.com Worth Your Time?

The current promotion is basically the same as last month’s hi-tech gadgets and bonus giveaway, with the only difference being the specific gadgets up for grabs. Accordingly, the various features which enhance or detract from this promotion are the same. In the following paragraphs we will summarize what this promotion’s best features are as well as those that could be improved upon.

What Could Be Better

While the odds of winning Bonus Money are excellent, winning one of the touted electronic prizes is a real longshot. Obviously, these top prizes can only be given out to a small number of participants, but doubling the number of such winners to 10 would give players a better chance.

In addition, other casinos let players who meet the wagering requirements keep not just the winnings, but also the bonus itself. Dangling the bonus before a player, only to take it away, not only produces an emotional letdown; it seriously cuts into the potential for any kind of meaningful win. Granted, only having to wager the bonus once is great inasmuch as you can’t possibly lose any more of your own money with these wagers. But when you can’t keep the bonus, a player’s winnings, if any, are also likely to be negligible.

What is Great About This Promotion

At the same time, this offer has lots of very good features going for it, as enumerated below. But are they enough to override the shortcomings? That’s for you to decide.

Small Player Friendly

All players, not just high rollers, have a realistic chance of having their name picked in the drawing. The more you play, the more entries you earn, but only to a point. The cap of five entries per day per person (based on just $250 in wagers) combined with the fact that no deposit is required at any time, prevents those who are capable of depositing and wagering huge sums of money from dominating the entries.

Lots of Winners

Unlike many other prize drawings, where only a few people win anything and the overwhelming majority of participants walk away empty-handed, that doesn’t happen in this promotion, where 94 players will win a prize. Also, because there are so many winners, combined with the fact that who they are is ultimately decided by the luck of the draw, there is no need to earn the maximum number of entries to have a shot at winning a prize.

Prizes You Can Actually Use

As nice as it is to win, no player wants a prize that will just sit on the shelf unused, collecting dust. TropicanaCasino.com does a very good job of picking prizes with practical value that will appeal to most players.

No Risk Bonus

Lastly, for those who win Bonus Money, the tiny wagering requirement of just 1x the bonus means that you are getting a free ride to try to win something with the casino’s money. If it’s only a small win, or even if you have no win, it’s still okay, though. There is no further risking of your own money at all.


In short, this promotion is not so great that someone who is not already a registered TropicanaCasino.com player should rush to join the site just to be eligible for the drawing. However, for existing players who have time to play this week, this promotion combining affordable play with the opportunity to possibly win a nice prize offers all the incentives necessary.






Barbara Nathan
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